The Best Mixers for Jack Daniels – Make an Awesome Jack Daniels Cocktail!

When it comes to whiskey, one of the most well-known products on the market is Jack Daniels Tennesse Whiskey. As a result, it’s not an understatement to say that Jack Daniels whiskey is a very interesting product.

For starters, the drink is created in one of the oldest distilleries in the US. Additionally, individual batches of Jack Daniels don’t have dates. Instead, the distillery uses its master tasters to determine the quality of each and every barrel and batch of Jack Daniels whiskey.

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Is it a Bourbon or a Whiskey?

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Some drinkers often mislabel Jack Daniels as a bourbon. While the drink does follow all the rules necessary to be considered a bourbon, Jack Daniels adds in one extra step that makes it a Tennesse whiskey. This last step is a process the distillery uses to filter its whiskey, which is done through the use of maple charcoal prior to bottling.

Interestingly, Jack Daniels is developed in a county where it is illegal to sell alcohol. That’s right, one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the US is made in a dry county. Of course, there are ways around these laws. Jack Daniels circumvents the rules by only selling bottles for “decorative” intentions.

What’s ironic about the whole situation is the Moore Country depends heavily on the income and revenue created by Jack Daniels. As a matter of fact, the distillery is one of the primary sources of employment in the county.

For example, the population of Lynchburg is less than the number of people employed by Jack Daniels. It’s safe to say that the location of the distillery itself has not negatively impacted how popular Jack Daniels actually is. The whiskey is still one of the most well-recognized alcoholic beverages in the world.

Jack Daniels Flavor Profile

It can be said, however, that Jack Daniels and its Tennesse Whiskey is a beverage that blends well and mixes with many different flavors. For that reason, we want to take a minute and discuss some of the best mixers for Jack Daniels, along with some of the best cocktails you can create with the whiskey.

We’ve already mentioned that Jack Daniels meets the necessary requirements to be considered a bourbon, however, some argue whether or not it actually is. The whiskey is made with a mash bill which consists of 51% corn, plus rye and malted barley.

At this point, it is distilled in huge stills made of copper. Then, it is aged for at least 24-months in barrels made of American white oak. Of course, anyone familiar with Jack Daniels is well aware of what sets is apart from other whiskeys: it goes through sugar maple charcoal filtration prior to bottling. Jack Daniels uses this method to strip away some of the harsh flavoring associated with whiskey and creating a smoother and easier to drink libation.

This method is referred to as the “Lincoln Country process.” This is primarily why Jack Daniels is considered a Tennessee whiskey as opposed to a bourbon. When it comes to the flavors you experience when drinking Jack Daniels, you’ll notice vanilla, oak, butterscotch, caramel, corn, molasses, smoke, lemon, nuts, bananas, and a touch of spice.

jack daniels cocktails

Best Mixers for Jack Daniels

If you’re wanting to know the best mixers and cocktail ideas for Jack Daniels, here are some ideas that work well in bringing out the flavor in this amazingly delicious whiskey.


One of the most well-known and popular mixers with Jack Daniels is Coca-Cola, which adds a nice sweet taste to the drink. Plus, it mixes in darker flavors such as molasses that give your drink a distinctly southern feel.

For the ideal Jack and Coke, all you need to do is mix in one part Jack Daniels and three parts Coca Cola in your favorite highball glass. Most drinkers prefer ice with this concoction. Some like to add a wedge of lime as garnishment, however, this is optional.

One great recipe you can make with Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola is the Jack in Black. To make this drink, fill your glass ¾ of the way full with ice. Pour in about an ounce and a half of Jack Daniels and mix in ¾ of an ounce of coffee liqueur. Add in a few ounces of Coca-Cola and stir it all together.

Ginger Ale

Another great flavor that pairs well with Jack Daniels is ginger ale. You’ll get a touch of sweetness as you do with Coca-Cola, but also that extra zing that comes with the ginger. If you’re looking to use ginger ale with Jack Daniels, the Gentleman and Ginger is a great drink.

To make this drink, fill up your favorite highball glass with ice, then pour in a few ounces of Jack Daniels. Mix in the ginger ale and add a wedge of lime as a garnish.

Apple Juice

If you want to add some sweetness to your drink, along with a bit of tartness, try mixing apple juice with Jack Daniels. A recipe that you’ll find at many places when combining the two is called the Apple Jack.

Find your favorite highball glass and fill it with ice. Pour in a few ounces of Jack Daniels and top it off with apple juice. Many people like to garnish this drink with apple slices to bring out the tartness.

Soda Water

If you prefer the flavor of Jack Daniels and don’t want it diluted or altered a lot by mixers, there’s always the option to use ice and soda water. This way, you’ll still be getting the flavor you want from your favorite whiskey.

Lemon-Lime Soda

Another sweet mixer you can add to your Jack Daniels is lemon-lime soda. It adds in a little sweetness to your drink and brings out the flavor in your favorite whiskey. If you want to go the simple route, just pour some lemon-lime soda in with your Jack Daniels in a highball glass and add some ice.

However, if you want something a little more fun and challenging, give the Raspberry Lynchburg a try. To get started, fill a shaker with ice until it’s half-full. Pour in two ounces of Jack Daniels, ¾ of an ounce of lime juice, ¼ ounce of sugar syrup, and ½ ounce of Chambord.

Shake the mixture up for a few seconds, then pour it into a glass full of ice. Add in your preferred lemon-lime soda, then add a few raspberries to the drink for a touch of garnish.


One of the most popular drinks in Tennessee is lemonade, which is why it makes perfect sense to combine this sweet, tarty liquid with your whiskey of choice. It adds a clean flavor, along with a crispness to the drink.

If this type of drink sounds appealing, try making a Lynchburg Lemonade. Fill up your glass with ice and pout in a couple of ounces of Jack Daniels. Add in ½ an ounce of Triple Sec along with ½ an ounce of lemon juice. Top the whole thing off with lemonade and add a wedge of lemon as a garnish.

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Jack Daniels Cocktails

jack cocktail

Not only is it fun to add unique flavors to your drink, but it’s also exciting to create cocktails with the whiskey. Here are some fun options to make using Jack Daniels:

Mint Julep with a Tennesse Twist

This classic Kentucky cocktail gets a smooth Tennessee twist when you include some flavorful Jack Daniels. To make this tasty drink, pour a few ounces of Jack Daniels into your favorite glass, then add a teaspoon of sugar, a sprig of mint, and some crushed ice.

Warm Apple Pie

What better dessert is there than some good apple pie? With the right ingredients, you can create your own inviting, warm slice of apple pie right in a glass. Pour in a few ounces of Jack Daniels, three ounces of hot chai tea, half an ounce of maple syrup, and top it all off with some whipped cream for a tasty treat.

Jack and Sweet Tea

This one really is as simple as it sounds. Pour yourself a glass of ice-cold sweet tea and top it off with a few ounces of Jack Daniels. This southern stape is the perfect drink when you’re sitting out on the front porch enjoying the summer and watching the world go by.

Tennesse Berry Mule

Inspired by one of Jack Daniel’s Master Distillers, the Tennessee Berry Mule is a mixture of berries, almonds, and ginger, with the kick of Jack Daniels. A few ounces of Jack Daniels, an ounce of Amaretto, an ounce and a half of cranberry juice, eight raspberries, and ½ ounce of lime juice is all you need to make this delicious beverage.

Frozen Jack and Coca-Cola

To make this tasty frozen drink, freeze six ounces of Coca-Cola. Blend the cubes up and add in some Jack Daniels to get the perfect drink for the next time a heatwave hits during the summer months. It’s basically a grown-up version of a Coca-Cola slush.

Jack Manhattan

Jack Daniel’s take on the classic Manhattan calls for two ounces of whiskey, ¾ ounces of vermouth, two dashes of bitters, and orange. Take a moment to mix one of these up when you’re feeling particularly sophisticated.

Tennessee Toddy

When the weather turns chilly, it’s nice to sit down to a nice warm drink. During the holidays, many people enjoy hot toddies, but Jack Daniels has their own take on this classic drink.

The Tennessee Toddy uses two ounces of Jack Daniels, ½ ounce of honey, ½ ounce of lemon juice, four ounces of hot water, and a cinnamon stick. When it’s cold outside, it really hits the spot!

Jack’s Old Fashioned

Some things never go out of style and for serious whiskey drinkers, an Old Fashioned sits comfortably on that list. Jack Daniel’s Old Fashioned is easy to make, so you never have to remember any complex ingredients or steps. All you need is a few ounces of Jack Daniels, half an ounce of syrup, and a couple of dashes of bitters.

Jack Sour

jack lemon

This sweet and sour drink is unmistakable as it includes putting an egg white in the concoction to give it a texture of silkiness. To make a Jack Sour, pour a few ounces of Jack Daniels into a highball glass, along with an ounce of lemon juice. Add ¾ ounces of syrup along with a few dashes of bitters. Finally, add one egg white to the top to get the perfect foamy finish.

Salty Jack

If you prefer a drink that’s more sour than sweet, give the Salty Jack a try. You’ll have the sourness of grapefruit, plus just a hint of sweetness from the grenadine. To make the Salty Jack, you’ll need an ounce and a half of Jack Daniels, half an ounce of grenadine, three ounces of grapefruit juice, and two orange slices.

Jack on the Rocks

For those that prefer to keep things simple, this is about as easy as it gets when it comes to Jack Daniels. Jack on the Rocks is simply a few ounces of Jack Daniels in a highball glass with ice. No mixing or cutting up fruit necessary. Just pour yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy.

A Truly Versatile Whiskey

As you can see, Jack Daniels is a very versatile whiskey that works with a wide variety of mixers and cocktails. If you enjoy whiskey, but can’t find the right drink to enjoy it in, you’re not looking hard enough. Jack Daniels offers plenty of options on its website for anyone wanting a new and exciting way to imbibe their alcohol.

Just because a whiskey has been around for more than a century doesn’t mean it won’t blend well with other flavors. Jack Daniels is proof of that. What we’ve provided is just a starting point. So whether you like your drinks sweet or sour, fruity or tangy, you’re almost certain to find a way to drink your Jack Daniels that is perfect for your palate.

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FAQs About Jack Daniels Mixers

What is the best mix for Jack Daniels?

If you have used to drink Jack Daniels plain or with ice, it might be best to try it with cola, lemon, apple cider, soda water or cranberry juice.

Can I combine Jack Daniels with coffee?

Yes, of course. You can put the Jack Daniels No.7 and you can also combine it with whipped cream and brown sugar too.

Are Jack Daniels Canned cocktails any good?

If you are not good at making cocktails there is always a possibility to purchase already ready ones, and Jack Daniels truly offer a great range of different canned and glass cocktails, so they are an excellent option!

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