Gavin Eales

Gavin Eales is a whisky lover. He enjoys both the taste and the science behind it. He doesn't let price get in the way of his favorite drinks and wants to share all his tips with the readers on Whiskey Watch. Why are you giving advice on Whiskey Watch? I am advising on Whiskey Watch because I love whisky, not just sipping on the delicious end product but also the science behind the distillation process. I have always been amazed at how whiskey distillers can create such an incredible offering using such few all-natural ingredients. What is your favorite Whiskey? My favorite whisky is Jameson Select Reserve. I love the tastes of vanilla, spice, and nuts and the sweet aromas of toffee, caramel, and butterscotch. Additionally, it is exceptionally smooth and reasonably priced when considering its pedigree. Where does your passion for Whiskey come from? My passion for Whiskey comes from my grandfather. Sitting on the recliner after dinner with a whisky was his favorite time of the day. Whenever my parents weren't around, he would give me a sneaky sip, and this is how I acquired the taste and where my love for whisky originated. If you could give people a word of advice regarding Whiskey, what would it be? If I could offer whisky enthusiasts a word of advice, it would be that they should not let their decision be affected by the price. Often consumers believe the most expensive whiskeys are the best whiskeys, but from my experience, this is not necessarily the case. I would encourage them to sample and explore as many brands and styles of whisky as possible before deciding which is the best option for them.